Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting is a procedure to re-establish bone dimension, which was lost due to resorption and is a job of Prosthodontist

Bone grafting is the replacement of supporting bone around the teeth which has been lost. It is also known as bone augmentation or ridge augmentation.

Today, bone grafting procedures have become almost an integral part of implant reconstruction. In many instances, a potential implant site in the upper or lower jaw does not offer enough bone volume or quantity to accommodate a Root form Implant of proper size or in the proper place. This is usually a result of bone resorption that has taken place since one or more teeth (if not all) were lost. Bone Grafting procedures usually try to re-establish bone dimension, which was lost due to resorption.

Although your surgeon often knows in advance when a graft will be necessary, at times this is only discovered when the implant site is opened during surgery and he is prepared to replace the necessary bone.